Что говорят персонажи в игре?

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Персонажи, которых мы можем слышать в игре The Simpsons:Tapped Out, озвучены теми же людьми, кто озвучивает сериал. Это 6 человек: Дэн Кастелланета, Джулия Кавнер, Нэнси Картрайт, Ярдли Смит, Хэнк Азариа и Гарри Ширер

Персонажи, которые не имеют голоса в игре, были в сериале озвучены разными приглашенными актерами, и в Tapped Out молчат (возможно, авторские права или еще что…) Это Милхаус, Эдна Крабапл, Хэнк Скорпио, Жирный Тони и Шауна.

В таблице приведены все цитаты, которые произносят персонажи. В основном это различные короткие восклицания, самое популярное из которых: «Что за …?»

ПерсонажПри выбореОтправляясь на заданиеПосле выполнения
ГомерD'oh!'Doh..!Woohoo, quitin' time!
Aw, work? I thought this was a game!A job mediocrely done.
What the-?I wish this was a shooter game...Call Moe's, I'm on my way!
What.Oh well, it's better than my normal job.Nap time!
Лиза'Hey, everybody!''Yes!''Wow.'
Барт'Get bent.''Cool.''Cowabunga!'
'Huh?!''This is awesome!''Muhahahahaha...'
'He-llo...''Aw, geez!'
'Aye carumba!'
'Ha Ha Ha'
Дед'Ooh...''Hot dog!''What did I just do?'
'Hmph.''Oh, this is better than complaining.''And that's how you do it!'
'Hey!''I can still do things!'
'What the?''Hey, I'm useful!'
'Ahhh!'Hot diggity!
Скиннер'Mmhm!''This is a gross misuse of school property.''Good Lord'
'I'm writing ALL your names on the detention list in my mind.''Fine!''Oh-ho'
'Where are the dodgeballs?''undefined''undefined'
'What the-?'
ВиллиAcch.Ooh, Willie likes that!That's a job well done!
Gah!Oh, its great!Oh!
Auch?I'd rather clean up puke!
Отто'Woah!'Alright!' Woah-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!"
'What the-?'Huuuh!' Whoo hoo hoo hoo hah hah!"
АпуClean up in all the aisles.Alright.Thank you, come again.
Hey, what the...?Okay, whatever.Welcome, steady customer
Продавец КомиксовOooh, loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix.Oh, yes.Alrighty, then.
МоAw, that's great...Yeah!I mean come on now, here-!
Hey!Aw jeez!Woah-hoah Yeah!
Луиджи'Ha-ha-haaaa!''Fagioli.''Ha-Ha! Ha-Ha!'
Лугаш'I am Lugash.''Faster!''I am coach Lugash.'
'No giggling!''Stop wasting my time!''Relax...'
'Ah!'Is no problem.
Брокман'Don't touch me, please.''Let's do it! But if I chip a nail... I sue.''For once I feel as good as I look!'
'Aaahh!''This humble reporter is ready to kick in some heads!''I make the news!'
'Newsflash; I'm not speaking to you!' 'I'm mad as hell!'
'You nailed me!''I'll...erm...I'll do that.'
Человек-ШмельAy, ay, ay!Dios no me ama!Ay, mi est?mago!
Ay Chihuahua!Huelo fiesta, el woohoo!Sayonara!
?ndale, ?ndale!Viva la revoluci?n!
El woodpeckero loco me ataqueI no like!
Тодд'Repent!''You'll pay!''That was fun! So it must be bad...'
'Nice running into you.''I'll do anything... and I mean anything!''I love you!'
'I don't like this game!''You can think for me.'
'Real friends don't hit!'
Нед ФландерсNow what can I ding-dong-diddly-do for you?Oh no.My name's Ned Flanders!
H-h-howdily-doodily-there!Okay, here goes nothing...Allrighty, then
ЛавджойDear Lord...Uh!Let us pray...
Mmm...There you go
Богатый ТехасецI don't have health insurance!'I'll show 'em some Texas style kung fu!Give me a bottle of Bourbon. I got a new liver and i'm breaking it in.
America is not a place for seat belt wearing cowards...Whoooo, Doggy!God wants us to kill his trees!
Never recycle!I hate this!
ЗмейI'm gonna like totally waste you.Dude that's harsh.Hah Hah!
Meh.Eeeerrmmm...Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Эдди'Let's crack some civilian skulls.''Some day, I hope to be promoted to Lou.'
'We'd have more fun if our motto were "Protect and Swerve" '
'Eddie likes to hurt people.'
'My name's Eddie. I'm a cop. My story checks out.'
ВиггамSomeone call 911!Let's roll, boys!Oh yeah!
Hm - ha!Okay...
Uh, uh oh!What, what
ЛуHey, that's assault!!Time for Lou to bring peace!There, uh, that's how we do things in Springfield!
I like to hold my gun sideways. It, eh, looks so cool.Ah, knock this thing into yesterday!Damn I'm good!
The best part of being a cop is giving jerks a comeupins.
Aside from my gun, what makes me feel like a man is my enormous genitals.
КуимбиVote Quimby!YesTask completed!
Vote Quimby...The people have spoken!Yaaaaaaay!
Vote Quimby- a lot!Aww...That's a fine job doin'!
Морской Капитан'Thar she blows!!''You picked the right man: I know karate! Yahr!''I haven't citrus for weeks and I'm raring for a kill!'
''Tis true that the sea is a cruel mistress, but... that turns me on!''I'm on it like barnacles on a hull!''That's how we do it: landlubber's style!'
'Don't make me get a restraining order!''I thought we were mateys'
'Aye-aye, lady!''Yahr I should've stayed in school'
ГерманWhat was that?Heh.'
Aah Aah'
ФринкHyiven!Oh, good glavin!Finished.
Oooh yes! I-I'm a geek.Oh my goodnessMm-hey! Thank you!.
'Hmm.''Oh Boy'Whoo!
'Ha ha. Ha.'
РальфI'm your doggy- quack, quack!Yes, master!My diaper is full now.
My imaginary friend thinks you're stupid.You're the mommy!Wee-ah, wee-ah, I'm a fire engine!
When I grow up, I want to be a principal, or a caterpillar.I'm expendable!When I grow up, I want to be the new Itchy and Scratchy game.
You choo-choo-choose me?I'm gonna set you on fire! Ha Ha Ha! Haaa...
ВульфкаслThat is hurting me!I'm not listening to your flabby mouth any longer!I'll be back... here... waiting...
No autographs!I would love to sign authographs for you... in bed.
Pay me!'
Stupid paparazzi!Laughing time is over!
Stop your puny attack!
Дредерик ТатумHey kids!Dear God, why are we fighting?Excellent bout. Now we go party.
Hello. I'm heavyweight champ, Drederick Tatum.Hm.
Hey, How'ya doin'?
ДаффменDuffman is here...to refill your beer!
Chug...a lug!
КрастиOw!Get my producer to do it!Hey! Hey!
Oh!Where's my assistant?'laughs'
Hey!- What are you doing?Oh Oh Gpp.Oh Ho!
Cut that out!
СмитерсI'll marry who I want!That is a gun in my pants!Mr. Burns has an enchanting musk!
I, uh, don't really consider myself much of a follower.I'm experiencing a whole rainbow of gay feelings!Mr. Burns forever!
Destroy this thing- I'll take my rage out of the closet!I'll just try and pretend this thing is trying to come between me and Mr. Burns!
Aaahaaaah!I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!
ЛенниOw, my eye!'Look out world, here comes Lenny!'Oh, I'm gonna need a long soak in the tub to calm down tonight!
That hurts so much!Are you kidding me? I'm being plagued by horrible social anxieties!'That's how the upper-middle class rolls!
Stop existing!'I feel good. Drunk good.
Aaaaaaggghhh!Aw rats!'
КарлIf you messed up my hair-!Ah, rats!If I spend enough time at Moe's, I'm pretty sure good things will happen.
Hey- is this about Lenny?Consider it done- You're talking to Carl here!I did it for you, Lenny!
You caught me in a punching kind of mood!Things like this won't happen when Obama's president!
Uh, if Lenny asks, you didn't see me.Carl is in the house!
ЧалмерсUh, I think I have bit off the majority of my tongue... actually tasted pretty good.As a public servant, I'm not allowed to use my own judgment in any way.SKINNERRR! I, uh, need to speak with you.
That was totally uncalled for!Well, It seems beneath me, but... Sure, I'll break that thing.SKINNERRR! ..would be proud of what we did.
Stop that!Oh, well, in that case... let's do it.
Ow! My... my... Pelvis!Please, end your reign of terror!
Доктор ХиббертOw, my DNA!Hip-Hop-Hooray!The best part about being a doctor is helping people for giant amounts of money.
Good Lord!I've always wanted to play doctor!Oh joy!
Oh, my.This is a horrible situation..- A-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!I don't think I was sober for one minute of Medical School...
A-heh-heh-heh!Let's ease this pain, stat!
ЛегсWatch it!You broke my heart.I'm connected.
You trying to get whacked?Don't tell my other mob about this.If anyone sees Uter...tell him Legs is looking for him.
Get in my way or I'll whack you in the labonza!Big mistake.
I'm walking here!This is good, I like this.
ЛоуиYou got a beef with me?Come on, I'm tired!We did it, and no one got pinched!
Am I funny to you?I'll make them see things our way.Tear-gas is my one weakness!
You're embarrassing yourself.My pits are stickier than Mama's muscadel.
You talking to me?I'll whack this thing!
СэльмаI'm sorry, your application to talk to me has been denied.This is almost as satisfying as a silky smooth Laramie.Real smooth...
A sour disposition keeps me young.I feel so alive!There we go.
Knock it off!I can take it.
Stop it, putz.Grr...
ПэттиThis makes me feel like a natural woman...I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that.I've still got a lotta rage over my marriage to Disco Stu...
I've got mace!This is the best day of my life! Aaahhh...Arrivederci!
Be gentle.Driver's licenses are on me!
Tell your friends I'm single.Seriously?
Глава племениOh...
КиркOops, sorry...Oh, not again!I-I-I screwed up...
I carry around a change purse. Yeah, a purse...You disappoint me more than I do, Milhouse.I'll get paid, right? Uh, right?
I'm pathetic.I'll get you your money!
Um, I think you accidentally grabbed my wallet there, pal.Uh-I'll show them who's boss! ... mop permitting...
КангOh, big man!Time to slay!I'm getting athlete's tentacle, something terrible!
Maybe I'll take a human bride. That'll surprise mom.I'll just chill out in my glass dome.Kneel before your alien masters!
Hey, what are you blind or something?You're really mad at YOU!
You made me swallow my gum!I went to cryo-freeze for two centuries for THIS?!
КодосKill! Destroy!Oh ho ho ho ho!Aaaa...
Диско СтюOh hi, Disco Stu's the name, proselytizin' disco's my game.Disco Stu should have moved on with his life, and now it's too late.This thing is as over as vinyl.
Disco Stu is in danger of becomin' a one-note guy.Disco Stu likes disco music!I'll Celebrate if I didn't have Saturday Night Fever.
Disco Stu parties straight edge!
Leave Disco Stu alone, man!
Авраам ЛинкольнMm-mm-mm...
ДжасперJust don't harm the beard!Talking out of turn, that's a paddlin!That's a paddlin!
Leave me alone.Paddling the school canoe, oh you better believe that's a paddlin!My God, we did it. Thaaaat's a paddlin!
Not cool.Undefined
Who did that?
Доктор НикHi, everybody!People are going to need me today. I'd better get drunk early...Bye, everybody!
Ow, my...thing.High five, everybody!Let's pull the plug on this thing!
Oh, you're strong.This is tense, I better prescribe myself something stronger.
I went to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College.
БарниOooww! *Burp*That's what I'm talking about! ...What was I talking about?I'm finally a winner! *Burp*
I forget why I'm angry!Doesn't seem right, but my judgement's impaired!Yes, I DO find happiness at the bottom of the glass!
I'm gonna make you feel how I look!No problem!
I'm afraid I'll have to cut you off!I'll do my best. But my best isn't very good.
КерниHuh?!Alright, hahaha!Mmhmm...
Haha.Aw man!
Подросток со скрипучим голосомYes, sir!A job! My parents will be so proud!Where is my two dollars an hour?
Hello?Oh, no!Do I get paid now?
Oow.I'm putting this on my resume!
Ганс МолманHey!Hmm...Mmhmm
Mm-hmm-hmmGames are hard!
Арни ПайHeeeeeeyyy!

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    Дело в том, что Марсия Уоллес, озвучивавшая мисс Крабаппл умерла в 2013 году. Именно по этому её голоса нет в игре, а персонаж не появляется (и уже никогда не появится) даже в сериале. Такие дела.

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